A poem: Secure Wihout Plans

Freedom to plan,

The need to know,
Secure in the knowledge of what will come next,
The plans we, thus, hold can be enacted out.

If only it always worked out,
Life would be easy,
Our plans would be perfect,
How free we would be!?

Free to have what we always want,
When everything conforms with our plans,
The ruler of our world,
What unbounded power to behold!

To live, one predictable plan after another,
Everything taken care of,
When you always get what you want ;

Is this life?

To think, to reflect, to learn is effort.
Faultless planning holds no errors,
No mistakes ever,
When nothing challenges the authority of our plans.

To plan perfectly is to live an unblemished life,
We are the ruler of our world,
No need for our authority to ever be challenged,
So free are we!

What can go wrong?
Hubris, arrogance, unawareness, boredom,
Like this how can we ever know our potential?
Our freedom will have failed: cruel world!

Freedom not to plan,
Is liberation,

Observing how we have chosen to react to the unexpected is the preparation for how to live with awareness in life,

Life’s unplanned journey is ours to live!

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