Going To Sleep On The Street

Adrift, alone, wailing inside: Why will no one come to me?! Because I am on the street, to be abandoned by the world is all I know. Ah the familiar certainties of life! – eating away at me. I am being devoured, but what a feast the innermost pain provides – I am but a carcass of despair.

Let it be, because these familiar sensations, bite by bite are taking me from life. Lost and soon dead to the world, ah the home sweet home of being abandoned by life. Ember by ember I watch the light go out on life.

There is a sweetness within the brutality, like the heath of a fire in a warm, snug home. The inner fabric of my being is being torn thread by thread to shreds; a lullaby in the desolate silence of the street hushes me to sleep.


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